Doll Lee Middleton Doll Lee Middleton River Song 197005506 2002-Lee Middleton-Happy Birthday Teddy-100th Anniversary-MIB Celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the Teddy Bear. 21" Long Lee Middleton Artist Studio Collection Doll by Doll Artist Reva Schick - Bear is 9" Long 197005508 197005507 Butterfly Fairy by Eva Helland The vibrant blue-eyes of Butterfly Fairy seem to beg for the hug that her soft cloth body, and soft vinyl limbs, seems all too happy to receive. Butterfly Fairy wears a knit onesie with a butterfly applique on chest, fairy-like tulle skirt and satin slippers and even a butterfly hair clip and white satin wings. Beautiful 24 inch toddler butterfly fairy by eva helland 197005603 197005534 197005535 197005636 197005637 197005638 197005639 197005640 197005641 197005642 197005643 197005644 197005645 197005646